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Upwork: How It Works And How To Get Accepted

Update:  For reasons of profitability I have decided more never to use freelance pages . If you want to know why you click on the link and I give you 5 + 1 reasons. Apart from that, the content of this post has remained the same. Just have Note that I no longer recommend these platforms.) Upwork is one of the most used platforms in the freelance world. In fact, it is the one that today has more income than any other, exceeding one billion dollars a year. It is one of the platforms for freelancers with more opportunity - but also competition - in the market today, one of the many where most start their freelance life. I have had the opportunity to win several projects, I was able to win my first project to the fifth proposal I sent and although I have temporarily abandoned the platform (since I have gotten freelance work outside of it) it is likely that I will resume it one day. To understand a bit the emergence of this beast platform and how it works, let's briefly see how they reach…

Is WordPress Free for Blogging : How Much it cost to Start for Beginner?

Everyone while planning to start a blog always heard about the WordPress and Blogger the two very best platform to start blogging then after knowing about Blogger the very first question they ask is, is WordPress free platform for blogging? At first, to answer your query, is WordPress free? then the answer is yes.We all know, their query to ask for same is relevant as we all are aware of the Blogger, which is owned by Google and allow free hosting and content management but very few knew about WordPress background and how it works? WordPress is free to use, edit, customize or resell to the others but some additional cost involved to use WordPress which we will discuss later in this guide. Now you are surprised and thinking that WordPress in the content management industry is one of the well-known tools then why the company behind its development is not making money. The reason is WordPress is an open-source software where thousands or millions of developers are contributing to making …